Goretty grew up in a modest, but loving environment in Cochabamba. As a result of her excellent academic performance at school, she was offered a study grant. She studied Chemical Sciences at a university in Russia, then later studied Food Technology in Munich. The plight of the people in her country did not interest her. She totally rejected the Christian faith. That changed fundamentally when Goretty became a believer in Christ in 1995 in Munich, and her life took a new turn. The next time she visited her homeland, she saw the people from a completely different perspective. When she returned to Germany, she  could not forget the situation in her homeland. In the years that followed, she pursued the idea of creating and developing a children’s project in Bolivia and did not give up, despite many setbacks.

The contact and support of the Evangelical Free Church in Munich continue to this day. In addition, the project receives support from many friends and groups in Milan, Canada, England, and Gran Canaria.

Goretty and her siblings opened the doors of their private house, which is situated close to the red-light district. Gradually they added small modifications and extensions, a water tank and a solar energy system. The children are not allowed to stay overnight for legal reasons.